Curbside Recycling

The Township’s two trash haulers, Maroney’s Sanitation and Waste Management Inc., also collect recyclables from residents every other week. Both companies offer single-sort recycling, which means that residents do not need to sort their recycling. Everything goes into one rolling bin that is placed at the curb for pickup.

Hazardous Waste and Electronics Recycling

If an item in your house contains the words caution, warning, danger or poison, its contents should not be poured down the drain or on the ground.  Instead, take it to the hazardous waste disposal facility that Washington County maintains for the use of its residents.  The facility also collects electronics and certain items that are not collected curbside. For more information

Did You Know?
The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has adopted the Waste Management Plan 2010-2030, which contains more aggressive goals for counties to achieve in regard to the percentages of curbside recycling vs waste.  A group has been meeting within the county to determine ways to meet those new recycling goals. More information