Peddler's Permit

Peddlers / Solicitor Permits
If door-to-door sales people solicit your home, they are required to have a
"'Peddlers Permit", which must be signed by the Town Board.  If a peddler
does not hold an approved permit, please contact the Community Service Officer
at (651) 706-4102.  If you are able to obtain a name and license plate number of
any vehicle being used, it will help facilitate the matter.  Please refer to township
Ordinance 137 regulating Peddlers & Solicitors and also to the following forms:
Burning Permits
A burning permit is required for a brush pile(s) larger than 3'X3'X3'. The cost is $20
for a regular burn permit.  As of 02/14/2019 the reduced fee buckthorn permits have
been eliminated.  All burn permits are now $20 and they may be obtained by
contacting Mark Caroon at 651-706-4102.

Burning of prairie grass and other "running fires" first requires a Department of Natural
Resource's variance. You may apply for one by contacting Lisa Mueller at 763-284-7206.
Once a variance is obtained, please contact the Community Service Officer,
Mark Caroon, for assistance in getting the required $20 permit issued at that time. 
A signed variance permit is not valid in Stillwater Township until a regular burning permit is attached to it.

Summer Burning Hours are restricted to the hours of 6 p.m. until 8 a.m.  One day notice is
requested to obtain a permit.  Winter burning hours are 24/7 with a permit.
Attached Document or FileOrdinance 09   Fire Ordinance
Attached Document or FileOrdinance 24   Misdemeanors
Attached Document or FileOrdinance 28   Fire Limits & Regulations
Attached Document or FileOrdinance 42    Environmental
Attached Document or FileOrdinance 93    Regulates Burning
Attached Document or FileOrdinance 153  Regulating Open Burning