Public Safety Ordinances

Peddlers / Solicitor Permits
If door-to-door sales people solicit your home, they are required to have a 'Peddlers Permit', which must be signed by the Town Board. If a peddler does not hold an approved permit, please contact the Chief of Police at (651) 439-0796. If you are able to obtain a name and license plate number of the vehicle being used, it will help facilitate the matter.  Please refer to Ordinance 137 Regulating Peddlers & Solicitors and also the following forms:

Peddler's License Application Form
Background Check Release Form
Burning Permits
A burning permit is required for a brush pile(s) larger than 3'X3'X3'. The cost is $20 for a regular permit and $10 for a buckthorn burning permit and they may be obtained by contacting Steve Nelson at (651) 439-0796.

Burning of prairie grass and other "running fires" first requires a Department of Natural Resource's variance. You may apply for one by contacting Art Widerstrom at (651) 982-9720, ext. 224.  Once obtained, please contact Steve Nelson for assistance in getting the required permit issued at that time.

Summer Burning Hours are restricted to the hours of 6 p.m. until 8 a.m.  One day notice is requested to obtain a permit.  Winter burning hours are 24/7 with a permit.
Ordinance 09 Fire Ordinance
Ordinance 24 Misdemeanors, Repealed by Ord 40
Ordinance 25 Disorderly Conduct
Ordinance 28 Fire Limits & Regulations
Ordinance 34 Definitions of Misdemeanors, Repealed by Ord 40
Ordinance 37 Increase Max Penality of Ordinance Violations
Ordinance 38 Obstructing/Resisting of Police Officers
Ordinance 39 Regulating Dogs, Amends Ord 100
Ordinance 40 Misdemeanors, Repealed by Ord 68
Ordinance 42 Environmental
Ordinance 58 Traffic, Repealed by Ord 67
Ordinance 68 Misdemeanors & Penalties
Ordinance 93 Regulates Burning
Ordinance 100 Hunting & Shooting Ordinance
Ordinance 129 Regulating Peddlers & Solicitors
Ordinance 137 Peddlers, Solicitors & Transient Merchants
Ordinance 146 Concerning Special Events
Ordinance 150 Outdoor Wood Burning Furnance/Boiler
Ordinance 153 Regulating Open Burning
Ordinance 169 Concerning Burning Permits
Ordinance 171 Outdoor Woodburning Furnaces/Boilers
Ordinance 183 Hunting, Shooting & Shooting Ranges
Ordinance 191 Amending Ordinance 137 regarding Peddlers, Solicitors, and Merchants
Ordinance 192 Amending Ordinance 175 section 2.21 regarding Special Events