Recreation Areas & Vehicles Ordinances

Hunting and Shooting Restrictions
Hunting and the discharging of firearms in the township is only permitted under the following situations:
  • On a minimum of five (5) acres of land or more, and at least 500 feet from any adjacent buildings.
  • You must have signed and dated permission to hunt on private property.
  • Hunting is not permitted in the parks and trails, nor is it allowed within 500 feet of them.
  • Other restrictions may apply: Contact the Township Police Chief at 651-439-0796 for more information.

Off-Road Vehicle Restrictions
  • Not allowed on road right-of-ways April 1 through August 1.
  • Never allowed on roads or shoulders unless being used in farming operations.
  • Can be operated on private property. Please be considerate of your neighbors.
Wetland Permits
All wetlands, even those without open water, are protected under state law.  Impacts to wetlands, including draining, filling or excavation need approval or permits on local, state, and federal levels.  Please Contact Karen Kill with any questions at Browns Creek Watershed District at 651-330- 8220, ext 26.  Their address is 455 Hayward Avenue North, Oakdale, MN 55128.

For projects involving:
  • Earth work (excavation or grading), land subdivision, shoreline alterations, or
  • Affecting drainageways, floodplains or wetlands

Check with the local watershed management organization for approval requirements.

More information on the Minnesota Wetland Conservation Act can be found at
Ordinance 03 Parks & Picnic Areas, Repeled by Ord 130
Ordinance 10 Amends Ordinance 03, Repealed by Ord. 130
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Ordinance 20 Marinas, Repealed by Ord 54
Ordinance 21 Marinas, Repealed by Ord 54
Ordinance 30 Game, Fish & Firearms, Repealed by Ord 39
Ordinance 31 Snowmobiles
Ordinance 51 Swimming Pools, Amended by Ord 135
Ordinance 54 Marinas, Amended by Ord 65
Ordinance 55 Marine Flotation Devices
Ordinance 65 Regulations of Marinas
Ordinance 70 Regulation of Liquor in Public Places
Ordinance 82 Amends Marina Ordinance Removes Permit Renewal
Ordinance 86 Regulates Use of All Terrain Vehicles, Repealed by Ord 89
Ordinance 89 Regulates Use of All Terrain Vehicles
Ordinance 90 Regulates Parking Boat Trailers on Public Streets
Ordinance 104 Authorization Continuance of Park, Recreation & Natural Resource Adv Comm
Ordinance 130 Regulates Hour of Use of Public Parks & Picnic Areas,, Repealed by Ord 142
Ordinance 135 Regulates Construction & Use of Swimming Pools
Ordinance 139 Concerning Dock Requirements
Ordinance 140 Concerning Dock Requirements
Ordinance 142 Repealing Ordinance 130 Public Park Hour Usage & Prohib Certain Uses
Ordinance 148 Public Park Hour Usage & Prohib Certain Uses
Ordinance 185 Public Park - Usage & Prohib Certain Uses