Government Ordinances

Ordinance 23 Planning Commission, Amended by Ord. 60,85,117
Ordinance 60 Compensation for Planning Commission Members
Ordinance 85 Removal of Planning Commission Members
Ordinance 109 Wetlands Conservation Act
Ordinance 117 Amends Ordinance 23 (Planning Commission)
Ordinance 144 Establish a Fee Schedule
Ordinance 145 Adopt MN Electrical Act
Ordinance 146 Concerning Special Events
Ordinance 149 Criminal History Background related to Twp Employment and Licenses
Ordinance 150 Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace/Boiler
Ordinance 151 Establishes a Fee Schedule
Ordinance 158 Establishes a Fee Schedule
Ordinance 173 Establishes Fee Schedule for 2017
Ordinance 176 Establishes a Fee Schedule for 2018
Ordinance 194 Amending Ordinance 149 regarding Employment Background Checks
Ordinance 196 Short-Term Residential Rentals
Ordinance 197 Establishes a Fee Schedule for 2023
Ordinance 198 Amending Standards for Accessory Structures for Government Uses
Ordinance 199 Concerning Public Use of Hemp And Cannabis Products