Tick Bite Prevention

The summer and fall seasons are associated with outdoor activities, but it also means ticks are out in full force. Public health officials are reminding county residents of steps they can take to help prevent tickborne illness. We would like your assistance educating our community about the importance of tick bite prevention! 


The number of tickborne disease cases, particularly Lyme, has been increasing dramatically in Minnesota (and Washington County) over the last few decades. A variety of factors, including increasing physician awareness, increasing infection rates in ticks, and expanding tick distribution may have led to this trend. Disease risk, however, can be reduced significantly by being vigilant about checking for and removing ticks, and using tick repellent. By educating our community, we are hoping to help teach residents how to protect themselves.


We have created two different posters, rack cards, and tick identification cards that you can post or distribute to your staff and/or patrons. Please let us know if you would like any of these materials. To view the materials and for additional information on ticks, go to: www.co.washington.mn.us/ticks.


You can reach the Washington County Department of Public Health and Environment at 651-430-6655 or PHE@co.washington.mn.us for requests or questions.