Publicly Accessible Historical Sites

The High Bridge

The High Bridge, also called the Soo Line Bridge, is a 2,682-foot arched railroad bridge that spans the St. Croix River about five miles north of Stillwater. The bridge was designed by C.A.P. Turner and opened in June 1911 after one year of construction costing $500,000. To see the bridge, drive on Arcola Trail until you reach the railroad tracks and overpass near 120th Street. You will see a small brown sign marking the single parking spot for the National Park walking trail down to the river to view the bridge.

High Bridge

The St. Croix Boom Site

This access point to the St. Croix River was a hub for logging in the 1800s. Timber harvested upstream was floated down to the Boom Site where it was captured, sorted and milled. The site is located several miles north of Stillwater on Hwy. 95 and is indicated by an historical marker.

Boom Site