Arcola Heights Park

This multi-use park includes a hiking trail and a 9-target disc golf course.  Smoking is prohibited in this park. Dogs are allowed in this park, but they must be leashed.

Arcola Heights Park is located at the corner of 100th Street North and Perkins Avenue North. From MN Highway 95 (St. Croix Trail N.), go west on 100th Street. The park is half a mile up the road at the end of 100th Street.
The course map may be found here.

Arcola Heights Park opens at 6 a.m. each day and closes at sunset.


Parking is available on the North side of 100th Street and west of Perkins Avenue. Please observe the no-parking signs.



Disc Golf, commonly known as Frisbee golf, is an affordable activity suitable for young and old, male and female. Played like traditional ball golf, Disc Golf involves throwing a disc from a tee-off point to a target (usually a metal basket with chains). Players keep count of throws (or strokes), and the lowest number of strokes wins.

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