Burning Permits

DNR Burning Permits are required in Stillwater Township for piles of vegetative materials
that are larger than a 3'X3'X3' pile.  The cost for a regular burning permit is $20.  All burning
permits cost $20.  There is a 7-day window that allows for burning on any 3 days within that
window.  Summertime burning hours are restricted to 6 p.m. until 8 a.m.  Winter burning
(3" of snow on the ground or more) hours are allowed 24/7 with your permit. 

Community Service Officer, Mark Caroon, issues regular DNR burn permits for the township. 
Contact him by phone at 651-706-4102,  or by email at cso@stillwatertownshipmn.gov.  Please request permits at least 48 hours before burning.

Please be careful whenever you are burning as you are responsible for any damage that
is caused by your fire.